Kitchen Remodeling Home Los Angeles

This home was built in the 1980’s and retained all of the bad architecture styling of that era, including a hot tub in the master bedroom.

The house was gutted down to the studs. It was reconfigured and updated to reflect a current modern style with some slightly Spanish influences.

The kitchen’s basic footprint remained the same, however, a structural beam was reconfigured to allow for a clean island that focused on the jet liner views of the city skyline.

The original flooring was removed and the exposed concrete was repaired and polished.

The base and pantry cabinets were done in a wood grain melamine and paired with a custom hi gloss laminate finish on the upper cabinets.

All of the cabinets were manufactured in Canada by Columbia Cabinets. Pental Quartz was chosen for both the countertops backsplash.

These materials were chosen to maximize the budget as well as to give the space the high end modern feel the client was seeking.

The Kitchen Factory has a full service boutique showroom that offers its clients a full spectrum of design and construction expertise. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Los Angeles

Beautiful Kitchen CabinetryCustom kitchen cabinet Los Angeles has progressed in many ways today. People are no longer using the old style kitchen cabinetries in their kitchens. Today’s cabinetries acquire a large amount of empty area of kitchen and also obtain the suitable contemplation. They also appear in a wide variety of materials, size and intends. Nowadays, designs of kitchens have turned into moderate, the house owners are pursuing their personal flavors instead of the precise inclinations recognized through magazines.

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Kitchen Cabinet Company Los Angeles

Kitchen Remodeling ServicesThere are various types of kitchen cabinets available in elegant designs and affordable rates. The professionals would be helping clients in choosing the excellent contemporary kitchen designs and cabinets. The clients can also choose for the kitchen remodeling and renovation. The kitchen is a very important part of the house and hence its renovation is very important. The beautiful cabinets can be obtained by the clients that are designed in accordance with the modern day requirements.

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Kitchen Cabinet Contractor Los Angeles

Beautiful Kitchen CabinetryChoose a suitable design from options given by your contractor, which is close to your heart and help in keeping everything organized in your kitchen. As every household has different food habits thus kitchen too have different equipments, we need to keep space for them. While planning our kitchen cabinets these equipments and appliance need to be factored in for logical planning, and avoiding any problems later.

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Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles

Kitchen Remodelng ServicesFor most people, the heart is where the home is. Trying to impart a piece of their own personality to their house while building it or decorating it such that for them it serves as their own custom made heaven. People now have a wide range of options for doing the interiors of their house. Not only that there are also a number of accessories and furnishings available that enable people to do a makeover for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well.

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Custom Kitchen Bath Los Angeles

Kitchen and Bathroom DesignsThe property holders were looking to unfold and redesign the kitchen to incorporate an encased patio while administering a feeling of the home’s creativity. Cabinetry is not the main thing to centre in on in the kitchen; there are such a variety of things to recognize when arranging your kitchen. Custom kitchen bath will cover the most recent and generally inventive things for the kitchen, if it’s a full redesign or a straightforward cosmetic touch up.

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Custom Kitchen Los Angeles

Elegant Kitchen Cabinet StylesAlong with the washroom, kitchens are profoundly the esteemed space in a home. The present day kitchen is additionally quite a lot about combination, with all machines joined behind flush confronts that make the room look much more beautiful. This likewise aides from hygiene view, with impressive territories of simple to clean surfaces. A kitchen ought to be a place that you like being in. It is the place that confirms to an impressive degree, the strength of your family, since after all we are what we consume!

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Custom Kitchens Los Angeles

Kitchen Remodeling ServicesCustom kitchens are designed and given shape by the competent experts of custom kitchens Los Angeles company in friendly rates which are quite competitive in the market for such high quality standards. Incorporating the dreams of customers in their amazing creations is the art which their experts have learnt by heart. Highly trained in specialized innovative techniques to produce primitive, elegant, classic, royal and modern designs, the experts understand the minds of customers and act accordingly.

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Kitchen Cabinet Colors Los Angeles

In case, you are interested in designing the kitchen and providing it with a personal touch then Kitchen Cabinet colors Los Angeles is the best way to help. The staff here has proper education and is highly experienced enough to design the model of any 3D kitchen. It is totally based on overall description that is provided by clients. Once the design and the color are finalized according to your taste, the project can be started without wasting any more time.

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Kitchen Cabinet Doors Los Angeles

Customary Kitchen cabinet doors Los Angeles has fully developed now. People are no longer utilizing old cabinetries which are made up of wood or plastic materials. Nowadays, the cabinets in the kitchen take a huge quantity of space in kitchens and so should get the suitable contemplation. These cabinets are now accessible in wide range of designs, materials, outlines and dimensions as customers gaze to use the space. Cabinetries in the kitchen have had to change to offer the client with ease that they insist.

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