Stages of Construction

Kitchen Remodel – Sequence of Events


Preparation & Demolition:

  • Contractor to schedule cabinet demolition, electrician, plumber, drywaller & painter
  • Empty cabinets of cookware, pots, pans, dishes, etc.
  • Protect existing floor if not replacing it (red rosin paper or similar)
  • Dust barriers at interior door openings (duct tape plastic over openings)
  • Demolition of existing cabinetry and appliances (drywall ceiling, walls & flooring)
  • Remove demolition debris from jobsite or into jobsite dumpster

Rough Ins:

  • Relocate existing or new construction if necessary (pony walls, skylights, garden window)
  • Relocate electrical rough-ins for 110V outlets, appliances & lighting
  • New electrical rough-ins if necessary (220V for oven, new microwave circuit, etc.)
  • Relocate mechanical rough-ins (H20 & waste line for sink, HVAC, etc.)
  • Plumber to locate sink drain minimum 14 clearance off finished floor on German cabinetry
  • New mechanical rough-ins if necessary (new gas or water lines to island, etc.)
  • Install & wire new ceiling lighting & under cabinet lighting
  • Insulation in exterior walls & ceiling if necessary

Drywall, Paint & Flooring:

  • Apply new drywall & 3 coats of taping compound & drywall patch as needed
  • Prime coat drywall, one coat of paint (optional)
  • Install new flooring before cabinet installation (vinyl flooring after cabinet installation)
  • Scheduling of Trades:
  • Schedule cabinet installation with project assistant (three to four weeks notice)
  • Schedule granite fabricator for measuring or tile installer at this time
  • Schedule sinks & appliances delivered to jobsite before cabinet installation


  • Install cabinet bases, uppers & tall cabinetry
  • Install cabinet fillers, overlays, scribe moulding, crown moulding
  • Install plywood roughtops and make appliance cutouts
  • Jobsite inspection & walk through to include GC, designer & client/owner
  • Review Sequence of Events list again with client
  • Remove cabinet wrapping debris from jobsite or into jobsite dumpster


  • Schedule appliance installation at this time
  • Granite measure & fabrication (approximately 7-10 working days)
  • Tile, grout & seal (approximately 5-7 working days)
  • Installation of appliances & sinks
  • Electrical & Mechanical hook-ups (plumbing, 110V outlets & switches, under cabinet lights, etc.)


  • Installation of light valance (after countertops & backsplash installation)
  • Installation of appliance panels (after appliances are installed)
  • Installation of toekick moulding
  • Detail cabinetry (clean out cabinet interiors, adjust doors & drawers, fine tune cabinetry)
  • Remove remaining cabinet debris from jobsite
  • Finals jobsite inspection to include GC, designer & client/owner

The Kitchen Factory looks forward to creating a functional kitchen that is a true expression of your unique taste.