Top 10 Kitchen Accessories

A kitchen just wouldn’t be complete without some cool accessories. With thousands to choose from it was a challenge narrowing them down to a top ten but here are some of the most talked about trends for 2013.

1. Hot Drinking Water Dispenser

When you want to make a cup of cocoa or hot tea, nothing could be more perfect then a water heater that allows you to get hot water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also great for thawing frozen vegetables, or saving time heating water for pasta or other dishes that need hot water.

2. Red Kitchen Accessories

Increase the vibrant energy of your kitchen with this fun 2013 trend of adding spicy red kitchen accessories. A touch of red adds a feeling of excitement to an otherwise lifeless or dreary kitchen. Red accessories really do go well with just about any color kitchen but look especially delightful when used in white, black, or stainless steel kitchens.

3. Glass

From luminous countertops to sturdy range tops, glass is now challenging the elite position in kitchens once held by steel and stone. Like steel and stone, glass is both strong and beautiful but thanks to emerging technologies, glass offers more performance than ever before. Look for glass’s bright presence all over your kitchen even in places where it’s never been before.

4. Grill

Thanks to the ever-growing technology field you can now incorporate really cool electronics into your kitchen. For example, why not crank up an AM/FM radio or plug in an MP3, ipod or iphone device into you BBQ grill so you can get you music fix while fixing dinner. We recommend the MP3 BBQ Grill, which boasts a generous 200 square inch cooking surface. Your burgers and veggies will enjoy a non-stick coating to ensure easy food release and cleanup, where there is also a center channel that drains away fat into a large grease tray. Thanks to the 10-watt speaker, this is the most complete BBQ grill you can ever look for if good music and food are what make your summer days fun.


Juicing is a fantastic way to gain the healthy benefits from fruit and veggies in a juice or smoothie form. Follow a 2013 trend by purchasing one of the world’s speediest juicers, the Breville Juice Fountain. It is more like a power tool than an appliance. With its 3″ wide centre chute and 13,000 rpm motor, it can juice three whole pears in 3 seconds, and the micro mesh filter basket extracts maximum juice. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and looks beautiful in any kitchen.

6. Make Coffee

The single serving coffee makers are becoming a popular trend for 2013. It’s easy, fast, and clean. In addition, brands are providing more coffee flavors and different selections that include quite a few tea varieties and hot chocolate too! Enjoy your brew with this new great kitchen aide.

7. Save Energy

We’re used to thinking about energy consumption and running costs when it comes to our washing machines and tumbler dryers, but maybe not our kitchen gadgets. Energy saving, however, in this new eco-friendly developing culture, is becoming more of a feature, particularly with the gadgets we use a lot, such as coffee machines and kettles. Expect to see an increasing number of environmentally friendly models released this year with practical energy saving features, such as auto-shut-off.

8. In Sink Colander

In sink colanders are large, commercial-kitchen style colanders that go great with stainless steel sinks. These colanders are usually deep and rectangular, and can be set directly onto two edges of the kitchen sink so that they’re suspended across and inside the sink without touching the bottom. In-sink colanders won’t tip over when you pour out a big pot of pasta, so you won’t need a second pair of hands to use it safely.

9.Cutting Board

In-sink cutting boards are in the same class of kitchen accessories; they’re cutting boards designed to rest solidly on the lip of your kitchen sink, turning it into a decent-sized solid work space. Any liquid on your cutting board will drip into the sink, not onto your counter, and because it’s positioned right next to your kitchen faucet, it’s easy to clean, too!

10. Soap Dispenser

This might seem like a frivolous addition, and I’ll allow that it’s a very simple kitchen accessory. But if you have an extra hole in your sink (for example, you opt for a kitchen faucet with a built in sprayer rather than a separate side spray), installing a simple soap dispenser is a wonderful way to tidy up your counter tops. Creating clean, crisp spaces is always on trend!