Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Trends

Kitchen cabinets and countertops are a staple of kitchen remodeling. When you make the right choices, your kitchen can take on a whole new fresh look. With so many design possibilities, knowing the trends and getting expert help make the job fun and the finished look, one you’ll be happy with for years to come. Here is a list of 10 trending remodeling design ideas for your kitchen cabinets and countertops:

1. Classic Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher-block countertops offer warm, timeless appeal and an ideal surface for cutting and chopping. Scratches and burns on butcher-block countertops are easy to repair — just sand them out and apply mineral oil. Butcher-block tops have made a big comeback in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Rather than the maple butcher block that we all grew up with, more exotic woods are being used like wenge, jatoba, mahogany, and teak. Wood is also easily repaired: a light sanding will remove any scratches or light stains, and another coat of oil will then make it look new again

2. White painted cabinetry

Among painted cabinetry, white continues to be a trend chart topper. Given its remarkable, upward climb over the past three years, it’s clearly no fad. The popularity of white-painted cabinetry has actually jumped in popularity from last year. White is also a good color choice in a kitchen if you are fortunate enough to have a tantalizing view out your windows. With great views, you don’t want your attention diverted by intense colors or busy patterns and textures.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

In 2013 dedicate one wall to storage with cabinetry that reaches to the ceiling. This feature is often seen along with other kitchen trends, such as open cabinetry and oversize windows. When storage is reduced from other areas, a floor-to-ceiling bank of cabinets can house everything from everyday dishes to small appliances to linens.

4.Organic Wood Cabinets

Instead of traditionally styled, stained, and glazed cabinets with fancy millwork, look for a more understated display of rustic wood on cabinet surfaces. Spalted maple or natural birch drawer fronts will be mixed with clean, industrial-styled cabinet doors and brushed stainless steel. And this year, austere shaker cabinets will be reinvented in many ways. It will be a welcome, yet unusual departure from the kitchens of the last 10 years.

5. Colorful Accents

Add a pop of color to glass-front cabinet interiors or open shelving with bright paint or bold wallpaper. Accent your cabinet interiors with contrasting accessories to complete the room’s color scheme. Using bold color in a small area is a high-impact alternative for the color-averse.

6. Natural Granite Countertops

Granite serves as one of the most sought after materials in kitchen countertops. It is a stunning, resilient, heat-resistant surface for meal preparation and daily use. Granite countertops are comparatively low maintenance. Granite countertops come in a range of colors from warm browns and beiges to cool blues and grays perfect for just about any kitchen design. Granite countertops can last a lifetime and surely increase the value of a home.

7. Eco-Friendly Composite Countertops

Formed from materials such as fly ash or recycled paper, composite countertops inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist stains, scratches and heat. Most are free of VOCs, emit no radon gasses, and are considered food safe. Composite countertops sometimes require sealing or special maintenance.

8. Convenience

Aside from featuring soft-close drawers and doors (once a luxury, now a “must”), cabinetry today works overtime to organize and improve the efficiency of the kitchen design. Cabinetry works for the kitchen becoming much more than a place to store stuff.

9. Light & Simple

White (or off-white) Shaker-style doors create a light and clean look in a kitchen. Cabinets in shades of white are enduring and versatile, appearing in cottage, traditional, and even modern kitchens. Unlike fad colors, such as 1970s gold and avocado, white will never look dated. Straight-line cabinets with hefty hardware look solid and promise longevity.

10. Customized Drawers

Cabinets and drawers now conceal custom features. Where you’d expect to find swinging doors that open to reveal storage inserts, there are pullout doors attached to shelves for pots and pans, holders for recycling and garbage bins, and racks for canned and dry goods. Drawer inserts can be set up to hold dishes, silverware, or cutlery. Inserts are often customizable and help to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.