Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Revelations for 2013

Kitchen design options have changed drastically over the last 10 years and the 2013 trends show us just how much! Kitchens have become a place for family enjoyment and a place to entertain friends. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, consider these hot trends for 2013, awesome enough to last you years!

1. Eco-Friendly Living

Making your kitchen green and sustainable is the way to go in 2013. This means keeping your kitchen free of harsh chemical, toxins and using low VOC materials to improve indoor air quality, testing combustion safety, and radon mitigation. Take advantage of federal and state incentives to evaluate your home for energy efficiency and overall performance.

2. Fantastic Faucets

The right facet can add immense style and is a great way to spruce up your kitchen space, especially when paired with a superb sink. In 2013, check out culinary style sinks, especially those with pull-down faucets to streamline your counter space. High tech faucets (like Delta’s Touch 2O faucets) are a plus if you do a lot of messy cooking, but the most important thing is to get a simplified, restaurant style tableau packed with practical utility.

3. Charcoal is the new black

2013 will find this silky color everywhere as it blends the right amount of chocolate, grey and a touch of green. The popularity of gray color schemes in both kitchens and baths has dramatically increased. Gray is a very neutral color, one that presents a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This works perfect for the kitchen area, which can sometimes get a little hectic if you are preparing meals constantly.

4. Exotic Wood

Maples are phasing out and cherries and darker woods are in. Mahogany and bamboo are also trending. Alternative woods are gaining popularity. But for an Asian-themed kitchen, nothing beats bamboo, which offers neat, slender veining when stained.

5. Specialty Kitchen Lighting

There is task lighting, cabinet lighting and smart systems that are programmed for entertaining, cooking or homework time. Lighting draws the eye to interesting surfaces and improves the overall functionality of a kitchen. The lighting is a big part of what makes a kitchen. It beautifully creates a feel and an aura for the space.

6. Stylish Sink

Adding a stylish sink can drastically change the look of your kitchen. Trending in 2013 is deep bowl sinks. Although there are endless possibilities with today’s sinks, homeowners want large, deep sinks to accommodate their larger pots and pans. The debate between single or double bowl is still in full effect, but the one bowl option is still the rage. After you’ve decided on the style, the next thing to consider is the material of the sink. And in terms of what will be trending for 2013, stainless steel sinks will be hot due to their durability and flexibility.

7. Kitchen Backsplash Styles

Create an artistic focal point in a kitchen space by extending the backsplash to the ceiling and using materials such as statuary marble or mosaic glass tile mixed with natural stone. Bedazzled may find its way into home décor and design as homeowners seek a blend of classic textures and colors with pops of bold color and elements of sparkle. Glossy glass tile backsplashes and sparkle on polished nickel fixtures trend in 2013. 

8. Decorative Range Hoods

To go with those high-powered stoves, you’re going to need a high-powered kitchen range. But 2013 kitchen design trends away from your conventional stainless steel trapezoid shaped hood to more decorative range hoods. Ones with built in bright LED lights double delightfully as island chandeliers, adding a fashionable modern style to a traditionally highly functional fixture.

9. Transitional-style kitchens

In 2013, the popularity of transitional style, a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary, exceeded that of its strictly traditional counterpart. Eclectic by nature, the transitional style is far from cluttered, scattered or disorganized. It’s elegant, with crisp, clean lines blending contemporary and traditional styles. For example, solid oak cabinets paired with a natural stone floor and earthy-hued countertops set the stage for today’s high-tech gadgets and appliances. Contrasting lines and colors help invent a cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere.

10. Rethinking Black and White

Black and white is a classic look and it’s come back strong in 2013. The high contrast makes for a sleek look that fits in nicely with many looks from modern, to trendy to even country kitchens. Pair a glossy black counter top with crisp white kitchen cabinets. Set the look off with black appliances. For a more country feel, include a rustic style hard wood floor.